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The 4 Main Advantages Of Plastic Glasses

Whether you own a bar, are planning a large event or want to have an intimate pool party with friends and family, you know that providing the right variety of beverages is the quickest way to get the party started. Drinking is so much more than a social event; it brings people together and allows everyone to unwind and relax, leading to a positive and happy environment.

When it comes to providing people with alcohol, the glasses are just important as the drinks themselves. For one thing, purchasing a large number of glasses is a big part of your budget. Therefore, it’s important to be selective and make the best decision while you shop around.

Once upon a time, there were two options: glasses made of real glass that were costly and highly breakable or plastic cups that were remarkably inexpensive but looked cheap and had no place in an upscale environment.

Today, however, there are plastic glasses that are made with such high quality materials that you wouldn’t know that they’re made of plastic at all unless you saw one drop without shattering. These high-end plastic glasses have many benefits over real glassware while looking just as elegant as the real thing.

We have broken down the four main benefits of using plastic glasses for anyone who is looking to buy glasses in bulk, whether it’s for a poolside barbecue or stocking up your bar.

1. They Are Unbreakable

Broken wineglassIt’s an unfortunate truth that the more people that are drinking, the higher the chance of something dropping or breaking. If you have a room full of 100 people drinking alcohol, it’s highly likely that someone is going to knock over or drop their beverage.

Dropped or knocked over beverages don’t just make annoying messes; when there’s broken glass, there’s a serious risk of someone getting injured. If you’ve ever broken a glass in your kitchen, you know how hard it is to pick up every last shard.

That’s why high quality plastic glasses are a such a great alternative. These glasses are completely shatterproof. Plus, because these glasses are reusable just like regular glasses, you won’t have to keep buying more each time that one breaks. Imagine the savings!

Because these glasses are shatterproof, they are ideal for parties that take place around a pool, on a boat or in an environment that has young children.

2. They Are Dishwasher Safe

If you have ever served champagne to a large number of people using traditional champagne flutes, you know how annoying it is to have to wash all those flutes by hand after the party is over. Many different types of glass cannot be thrown in the dishwasher because the materials are just too fragile.

However, these plastic glasses are totally safe in the dishwasher thanks to the high quality materials used. Whereas some plastics may melt easily when exposed to such high temperatures, the quality of the plastic used to make these glasses allows them to withstand high temperatures.

3. They’re Cost-Effective

Save money with plastic glassesDespite the elegant and high-end look and feel of these plastic glasses, they are significantly more affordable than traditional glassware. This is a huge advantage especially if you own a bar or are throwing a large event and need to buy glasses in bulk. Depending on the number of glasses that you need to purchase, you could save between hundreds and even thousands of dollars by purchasing plastic glasses without sacrificing aesthetics or quality.

4. They’re Lightweight

If you’re purchasing glasses in bulk, you’re going to be transporting a lot of large boxes. Boxes full of plastic glasses are extremely lightweight compared to boxes full of real glass. Lifting heavy boxes of glass can even result in a serious injury.

Because these plastic glasses are so lightweight, you can stack them as high as you’d like for storage purposes without worrying about the weight of the glass tipping them over.


This list highlights just some of the advantages of choosing plastic glasses. Today’s plastic glasses have the look and feel of high-end glassware while offering tremendous benefits over using real glassware.

Whether you own a restaurant or bar, are planning a pool party or are coordinating a large event, if you are planning on serving people beverages in the near future, consider using plastic glasses. You’ll save money and be free of the worry of dealing with broken glass.

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