Jan 06

B52 Shooter – Bombs Away!

You’re at a club and want to spice up the night a bit. You saunter over to the bar confidently with cash in hand, only to blurt out something about tequila to the barman. As soon as the alcohol hits your lips you remember why you promised yourself you’d never take another tequila shot in your life.B-52 Shooter

We’ve all been there.


Move Over Tequila Slammer

There’s a new boss in town. Meet the B52 Shooter. Not only is this delightful cocktail a pleasant change from Mexico’s finest, it’s simple to replicate too. As such, you can easily make your own at home by following this recipe.





B52 Shooter Recipe

What You’ll Need:

  1. 1 x Shot Glass per serving
  2. 0.5 Measure of Grand Marnier
  3. 0.5 Measure of Tia Maria
  4. 0.5 Measure of Amarula Cream

How to Make It:

  1. Layer the ingredients over the back of a spoon in this order – Tia Maria, Amarula Cream, Grand Marnier (it’s essential the order of spirits is followed correctly)
  2. That’s it – bottoms up!


What’s your favourite shooters – be it at home or in a club? Share your favourites below.

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