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Nov 22

Check Out Swish Plastic, the Benefits are Fantastic

How often do you think about the cleanliness of the glass you are drinking from when you are out for an evening? I know, it’s not something that usually comes to mind. But, let’s look at why you might want to examine that glass before you sip that liquid. As children, we are taught not …

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Feb 08

The 4 Main Advantages Of Plastic Glasses

Whether you own a bar, are planning a large event or want to have an intimate pool party with friends and family, you know that providing the right variety of beverages is the quickest way to get the party started. Drinking is so much more than a social event; it brings people together and allows …

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Dec 01

It’s Not a Christmas Gift if it Doesn’t Include Swish Plastic Glasses!

Are you busy trying to come up with Christmas surprises for your long gift list, but you would also like to find out how it feels to end the holiday season without being mired in debt? You’re not alone. After all, who doesn’t love the idea of being original, and where is it written that …

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May 14

A Cheap Alternative to Polycarbonate is Here!

SAN Plastic Champagne Glass

For a limited time only – we’ve dropped the price of our SAN plastic wine and champagne glasses! Play safely at your next event and serve your guests wine and champagne in Swish Plastic’s SAN glasses at only $1.90 each!  This exclusive range of wine and champagne glasses is made from SAN plastic, which is: …

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