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At Swish Plastic we love the ocassional beverage, particularly of the alcoholic variety. Featured below are our favourite drink recipes; including martinis and a variety of amazingly delicious cocktails that'll liven up even the dullest affair!

Nov 11

Chill with a Caipirinha

Caipirinha is Brazil’s national cocktail. It is made with a cachaça; a liquor made from the fermented juice from sugarcanes. Two of the liquor’s nick names are abre-coração and bafo-de-tigre. The first means heart opener and the second means tiger breath. To understand the actual meaning of those names, we suggest you chill with a Caipirinha …

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Oct 31

Lychee Martini Recipes – Perfect for Spring!

Shaken or stirred, lychee martinis have a sweet, exotic and somewhat mystical touch to them. Now that spring is well underway, we’ve got two delicious lychee martini recipes to woo your guests at your next poolside BBQ or before a girl’s night out. Warning – these martinis are extremely addictive!

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