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Check Out Swish Plastic, the Benefits are Fantastic

How often do you think about the cleanliness of the glass you are drinking from when you are out for an evening? I know, it’s not something that usually comes to mind. But, let’s look at why you might want to examine that glass before you sip that liquid.

As children, we are taught not to share our drinks with anyone, especially strangers, nor to drink from someone else’s glass or bottle. Of course, we now understand that our parents were concerned about how germs and illnesses are spread. So, as adults, why is it suddenly okay to go out to a club, bar, or other social event and drink from whatever glasses are handed to us?

Champagne GlassThe process that most bartenders use for cleaning drinkware and bar glasses is to dip the glasses in a small sink filled with sudsy liquid and uses a sponge to clean them, then the bartender rinses the glasses with water in another small sink, then uses the same bar towel to wipe the glasses before using them to fill your drink orders. Occasionally, the sudsy water gets murky from leftover bits of fruits or vegetables, and it is changed. The sponge, which has crevices where germs can get caught is rarely changed. But, what if your glass was the left one “washed” before the suds were changed? What if some of the food bits or thick liquor sticks to the inside of the glass? What if lipstick marks are not cleaned off during the “washing”? This gives a new slant on the drinking toast, “Here’s mud in your eye.” I’m sure you get the point here that washed bar glasses are not always as clean as you expect.

Is there a better way to ensure that the drinkware is sanitized, clean, and free of the stains and germs? Yes, there is a much better alternative. And that alternative’s name is Swish Plastic. Swish Plastic’s superiority to any other form of plastic drinkware is based on its revolutionary manufacturing usage of Tritan™ Plastic that enables the finished product to look and feel like real glass. Tritan™ Plastic is free of all chemical building elements used in typical plastic products, such as BPA and BPS, lead, mercury, cadmium, sulfur, and nitrogen. Yes, that is a lot of technical information, but that translates into a number of benefits for you and your health.


Clarity of Finished Product.

Swish Plastic glasses stay crystal clear for a long time. And, thanks to Tritan™ plastic, there is no cloudy finish and absolutely no left over particles or remaining liquids in or on the glass. The materials used in all eight styles of Swish Plastic glasses are specifically designed to be both beautiful and hygienically safe. They are so attractive that they make fabulous gifts for the holidays, house- warmings, bridal showers, anniversaries, or any other milestone celebrations.

Strength and Durability.

The glasses are made to resist dents, stains, and scratches for many years. They are nearly impossible to break or shatter, which is an extra value when used at events where children are in attendance. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, in restaurants, pubs, bars, clubs, special events, and homes. Goodbye worries about the dangers of broken glass.

Odourless and Tasteless.

Thanks to the superior manufacturing of Swish Plastic, there is never any plastic smell or taste that is common with other plastic products. The only thing that you will taste is the tongue pleasing flavor of your favorite drink, just what you would expect.

Dishwasher Safe.

Swish Plastic glasses are heat and chemical resistant. This means that they are dishwasher safe without any concerns about them warping, breaking, or leaking any chemicals. To prevent any potential scratches, do not hand wash the glasses with wire bristled brushes. Swish Plastic glasses are ideally washed by placing them in the top tray of the dishwasher. Whether you prefer to let them drip dry or wipe them with a dish towel, their will retain their clear shine.

Environmentally Safe.

The Tritan™ plastic is environmentally safe. Swish Plastic glasses are BPA, BPS, lead, mercury, sulfur, cadmium, and sulfur free. All of these prerequisite precautions mean that when you do dispose of your Swish Plastic glasses, they will not release any harmful chemicals into the waste stream or the environment.

Economically Advantageous.

The price of Swish Plastic glasses are comparable with regular glasses, but Swish Plastic glasses pay for themselves several times over due to their sustaining capabilities. Plus, they are definitely less expensive when you consider how many times you need to replace broken, chipped, stained, and scratched regular glasses.


Swish Plastic glasses are stylish, beautiful, and long, long lasting. When you serve your family, friends, and customers their favorite beverages in these glasses, you are discreetly demonstrating your consideration for their safety and worry free enjoyment. Bottoms Up!

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