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It’s Not a Christmas Gift if it Doesn’t Include Swish Plastic Glasses!

Christmas GiftAre you busy trying to come up with Christmas surprises for your long gift list, but you would also like to find out how it feels to end the holiday season without being mired in debt? You’re not alone. After all, who doesn’t love the idea of being original, and where is it written that spending a bundle is better than being downright clever? Our six gift ideas are not just easy to put together but you could find yourself the star of one or more occasions when friends and family see the delightful ideas you came up with on your own! There’s even a bonus to be had: Our drinking glasses are made of safe plastic and stand up to all sorts of abuse, so even if guests decide to throw/drop/clink toasting glasses, those Swish Plastic glasses can live to toast another day!

Set Sail with Swish Glasses

Whether they own a small motorboat or a yacht, sailing friends and family will be most appreciative of an entertainment gift with a twist. Start out by visiting a toy store to locate a large, plastic kid’s toy boat. Fill it up with snacks enough for a light lunch on the water. Include sleeves of crackers, cheese, dried fruits, wine plus Swish Plastic stemless wine glasses. Roll napkins into one of the glasses and tuck plastic utensils into the other so recipients aren’t high and dry when they are ready to cut into that cheese.

Just for Kids

Frozen WagonChannel the child in your soul by creating a craft wagon using Swish glasses as supply holders. Start with an inexpensive wagon (e.g. this Frozen themed one). Super glue tall, plastic Swish glass bottoms to the wagon floor. Fill spaces between the glasses with art papers and pads. Put the finishing touches on this kid-friendly gift by filling each empty glass with paints, brushes, crayons, coloured pencils and other useful craft items. This art wagon, with its Swish glasses, will be around for a very long time.

Give a Yummy Swish Family Picnic

A plain wicker basket should suffice if you don’t want to go to the expense of buying a pricey picnic basket and your gift will be just as appreciated. Fill the bottom of the basket with an inexpensive tablecloth and then neatly arrange easy-to-prepare and serve lunch treats like slices of cured meats, cheeses, rolls or mid-eastern naan, and don’t forget the dessert biscuits. Tuck at least one beverage into the basket plus Swish plastic glasses, napkins, plastic cutlery and packets of condiments. Add grapes just before you present your gift.

Oh, Baby—Swish Glasses Save the Day

Plastic Champagne GlassesIf there happens to be a couple on your gift list who are having a baby in the near future, you could earn their undying love and appreciation by making them a “Home from the hospital” holiday gift arrangement. First, fill plastic baby bottles with nuts, candies and other snacks. Find a big, colourful plastic or metal bucket that can be recycled for future household tasks and fill in the expanse with a supply of rolled-up newborn baby diapers. Place a bottle of bubbly into the center of the pail filled with diapers and circle the wine with the filled baby bottles. Tuck half a dozen Swish Plastic champagne glasses into the arrangement—so new grandparents can toast baby, too.

Don’t Forget Brutus and Whiskers!

Admit it: you always include pets when you prepare Christmas gifts for friends and families, so why not use Swish Plastic drinking glasses to organise this year’s creations? Start with a large, round plastic pet bowl that’s big enough to accommodate at least 5 Swish Plastic tumblers. Place a pet bandana in the bottom of the bowl to add a touch of colour and then seat the glasses into the bowl, using clear packing tape to hold the glasses together. Place a different packet of pet treats into each glass and decorate with ribbon for a festive touch.

Get Romantic with Swish Wine Stems

Are there lovers on your Christmas gift list? Make them a bath ensemble that elevates time in the tub to a romantic encounter. A nicely-sized plastic or glass bowl serves as a base. Place a bottle of sparkling wine in the center of the bowl (alcoholic or non). Add silk leaves or package shreds to form a decorative, cushy layer of colour and two Swish Plastic Wine Glasses on either side of the bubbly. Fill in empty spaces with luxurious bath items like salts, bar soaps, bubble bath and a couple of rubber ducks just for fun. Want to keep on creating? Roll up washcloths and shape them into roses (follow the video below for instructions) before placing them artfully into your romantic bath arrangement.



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