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Tropical Daiquiri Recipe – Paradise in a Glass

This tropical daiquiri recipe is a favourite all year round!


Whatever the season, a frozen fluid mix of strawberry, passion fruit and mango will send you to summer in paradise.

Chill your polycarbonate martini, wine or champagne glasses in the freezer and invite your friends over for a tropical fiesta.

Tropical Daiquiri Recipe



  1. 20ml Passoa passion fruit liquor
  2. ½ cup with cubed fresh mango
  3. ½ cup with chopped strawberries
  4. 40ml Absolut mango vodka
  5. 1 cup of crushed ice



  1. Chill a few glasses in the freezer
  2. Blend all ingredients until smooth in a blender and pour into glass of preference
  3. Garnish with a strawberry or slice of watermelon


Do you have your own twist on the classic daiquiri? Share it in the comments below!

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